Thursday, 11 October 2018

New level of communication with students

I had many questions concerning not only idea of developing distant learning courses but questions on how to create the system that will preserve the educational spirit we have in classrooms. Fortunately, our hosts from Tampere University had answers to all my questions.
Now I know how to make students to work. We were described modern methods and tools, such as Zoom, Socrative, Canva, etc.  The set of these tools covers all my needs as a teacher. Now I can plan preliminary activities with students using Google drive to distribute all materials, Zoom to organize conversation with students, Socrative to evaluate students, Canva. To create nice looking presentations.
This workshop is my first experience of e-learning learning in depth. I was not very much enthusiastic on e-learning, supposing that classical methods of education are more efficient. Due to Sisko I understood that e-learning gives me more freedom and opportunities than traditional methods.

Thank tou, TAMK Team!

GoogleMaps as an E-learning Tool

We are opening many different e-learning tools in TAMK. Thinking about the introduction part of the course and involving students in the learning process, we've got an idea of creating a map, which allows students to pick their cities or, for instance, if they are from one city, their favourite places etc. This kind of activity gives students an opportunity to use the features of the program and introduce themselves the way they want to. Of course, the map can be used as a tool for various types of activities. We created a map using Google MyMaps and tested it with our colleagues.
TAMK October 2018 Workshop Participants

Introduction example

Live long learning - it is about me!
Now I am in Tampere University and very happy. Two weeks we study with project partners different E-learning tools: Socrative, Padlet, Canva, H5P and etc. We will use all the tools to prepare an online course. The picture shows an example of using Prezi for introduction teacher. 
We have great teachers: beautiful and clever Sisko, hardworking and smiling Evelina, intelligent and calm Jarmo, lovely and scrupulous Ella. We want to thank teachers for the informative and useful workshop.

Presentation of a part of the online course

I introduce myself. I am the director of an educational program "advertising and public relations" and a teacher of management. All my presentation you can see here
In TAMK we have developed part of the online course. The online course is about the basics of SWM economics. We practiced creating presentations in PREZI, created tests in SOCRATIVE and conducted web-conferences in ZOOM. At the end we learned to use various applications to create online courses. Nice people and friends are here in Tampere, Finland.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Figuring out copyrights

On Monday 8th of October 2018 we learned (hopefully) about intellectual properties and all things related to the term. All countries have their own legislation, but fortunately there are some universal foundation that can be used. After brief theories and Socrative tests we dived into copyright exercise. Everyone or almost everyone had shared some picture or video at this blog and the assignment was to find out what kind of copyright rules bide their usage, who is the author and how could the materials be used as part of course, learning materials or activities. As a result, we created a Padlet containing all relevant info...

Tehty Padletilla